Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Ringing the Bells

Monday, October 24th: the day of the new blitz. I'm posting a couple of days later because I only thought of documenting the experience today. First, though, I must take you back even further.

The first great CD blitz came in the early 90s, while I was in high school. The concept was inspired by my ever-growing CD library, coupled with the realization that my collection was growing at a faster rate than was my appreciation of all that I owned. Frankly, I was buying so many so quickly that I really didn't have time to actually listen to all of them, and so came the idea of listening to every CD on the stand in alphabetical order.

At my peak, I owned a few more than 500 CDs. I had multiple accounts with Columbia House and BMG Music clubs, and was regularly pulling unknowns out of dollar bins at the music stores. Prince and Elvis were the biggest contributors (and were, of course, back-to-back ... maybe separated by a couple artists but I can't remember).

It started with AC/DC and ended with ZZ Top. I remember being daunted by The Beatles collection, only because I feared that all of those early albums in succession would turn into white noise (they didn't). I remember instituting the rule that while I was in the blitz, I wouldn't buy any new CDs. There was no going back to listen to anything again, and no going forward. What I don't remember, and wish I could, was which CD I listened to first after the blitz was over.

Anyway, again, it started with AC/DC. Specifically: Hell's Bells. Over the years with other blitzes, ringing Hell's Bells signified the start of the blitzing journey. Same goes for this past Monday. Now, though, CDs are not playing a part.

While my CD collection has dwindled, the MP3s have been piling up, and, frankly, the collection is a bit of a mess. Thousands of unnamed files ripped off of CDs which were ripped off of originals, hundreds of weird tracks left over from the Napster days, and way more unlistened-to tracks than I had the first time round. There's even a folder of 99 farts sound effects. Not really sure how I feel about that.

All right. Game on.

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