Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Blitz Effect

Starting with the greatest hits from the 1990s made for an interesting beginning, given that the driving force behind the blitz in the first place was to make sure I was paying attention to the unfamiliar songs in my collection.

There aren't many unfamiliar songs for me in a 1990s retrospective.

However, The Blitz Effect appeared when Smells Like Teen Spirit came on. At first, I more or less tuned out.  Not purposefully, nor in a contrarian manner, but just instinctively because this is a song that I've listened to hundreds of times, so naturally my brain went into coasting mode.

Then, after the first chorus, I realized that while I have listened to this song a lot, and this was while I could listen to any song I wished when not blitzing, right now, this would be one of only two times that I would hear it over the course of the next year (or two, or more -- not sure how long this one will take).

Consequently, I listened to the rest of the song more carefully than I had for a long time, appreciating it as much as ever.

Blitzing, therefore, works as well for old favourites as it does for undiscovered treasures.

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