Thursday, 1 December 2016

Thoughts from the first month...

Well, after the 1990s flowed seamlessly into the 2000s, I've started rolling through individual albums at what seems like a breakneck speed.  After all, what's 12 songs on a record compared to hundreds in a compilation?

So, I'd better start getting some reactions down before I really lose track of things:

Award for the most vapid song I've heard yet: "Wake Up" by Hillary Duff.  I don't recall if I heard this song when it was popular or not, but if I did, I can understand why I forgot it.  I have often thought that Taylor Swift was essentially writing songs using Facebook posts, but I must now acknowledge that she puts more work into it than that.  Duff, on the other hand, is just singing status updates. Interestingly, I just double-checked the dates and Wake Up was released before Facebook, so maybe we're talking about the chicken and the egg here.

First circular sampling in the blitz (that I've noticed): Madonna uses "Gimme Gimme Gimme" by ABBA in "Hung Up", not too many tracks before I get into ABBA.  

Here's a funny thing about "Angel" by Aerosmith: whenever I hear that song, I have this memory kick in during the first minute at about the 48 second mark - and I want the song to end.  I like the song, so much so that I remember taping the video off of Muchmusic. However, things are meant to be recorded over, so at some point I put something else on the tape, and whatever the new thing was, it started at the 48 second mark of the video.  I don't remember what it was, just that I was left with nearly the first minute of Angel, and obviously I watched that snippet enough that it became ingrained.  A similar thing happened to me when I discovered The Beatles, because I was listening to a tape my brother had made off of The Blue Album, and the tape ran out about halfway through The Long & Winding Road.  Whenever I hear the full song, I can still pinpoint the moment the original tape ran out.

The original Alice in Chains is still awesome, and I'm about to go into the barely-listened to new stuff.  We'll see.

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