Monday, 23 January 2017

Post Christmas Re-start

After barely driving around by myself over the holidays, it was time to get back into the work commute which means ... more blitzing!

Picking up again, I jumped right into Arcade Fire. This is a band about which I really knew very little, but had heard much about.  Beyond the general awareness of the band and their reputation and appreciation, I had two points of reference. Firstly, I remember thinking it was like a stamp of approval for them to be on Peter Gabriel's "Scratch My Back" album of cover songs, and that it warranted looking into them further. Secondly, a scriptwriting student submitted a screenplay based on a group of super-fans following Arcade Fire around on tour, and she informed me that this was a pretty common thing. Those that liked the band liked it a lot. So, again, I'm thinking I should check this out.

And, although it was an impressive trip through their catalogue, I know I'm going to want to revisit them when this is all over. It was one of those listenings where I could tell there was further enjoyment and appreciation waiting.

Plus: Rococo.

Next up: I've come back to AC/DC! What an odd trip.  I really don't understand how it's being put together.  I mean, it's close to being in order, but off by just a little. Anyway, all I want to say about AC/DC is that choosing "For Those About To Rock" as the closing song for their concert CD is ludicrous.  That's the worst idea for a closing song.  That's an opening song.  It's inherently an opening song.  Even if it had led to an encore that might have made a little sense.

And then: 1 Girl Nation!  Again, this is an all-girl Christian group.  Imagine if the Spice Girls loved God as much as they loved Pepsi. Actually, more.

Next up, again in this weird order, are the 1950s.  Time to get out of the kitchen and something-something pots and pans.

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