Wednesday, 8 March 2017

My up-and-down history with Barenakedness

When I first started hearing Barenaked Ladies, almost exclusively "If I Had $1,000,000", it rubbed me the wrong way for reasons I can't fully explain, though at least part of it had as much to do with who was listening to them at the time (and some people especially who wouldn't stop singing their songs or their praises, which was a good way to turn me against them).

That was towards the end of high school, and though I warmed up a bit to the songs on "Gordon", I largely dismissed them. In university, I was listening to their second album quite a bit, and still find some of those songs have held up tremendously over the years.

With "Stunt", I was totally fine with the hit songs being big hit songs, and was pleased to see such an oddball band find their groove and have that big of a score. Still, the album on the whole didn't stick with me.

Where I finally bought into them whole-heartedly was when I picked up the previously unheard of Snacktime at my local library for the kids.  This is easily my favourite album of their, featuring my favourite song of theirs (Pollywog in a Bog), and I simply don't get tired of listening to it.

The blitzing of the record was no exception.  I even made sure to be blitzing this one alone so I could appreciate it all by myself, all those years after taking a flyer on it for the kids' sake.

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